English 7

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Seventh grade students will strengthen their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the English language, and learn to structure ideas and arguments for a range of purposes and audiences. Students will also master new vocabulary, spelling, and grammar convention skills. The course will also include creative and inquiry based projects and assessments. Formal and informal assessment of reading and writing skills will be administered on a regular basis as a means of informing students, parents, and the teacher as to progress in areas of strength and weakness.

  • The Red Pony, Personal Narrative
  • The Wizard of Earthsea, Fantasy Writing
  • The Giver, Compare and Contrast Expository Writing
  • Visions, Literary Analysis
  • The Invisible Ladder, Poetry analysis and composition
  • Voyages in English, Grammar, mechanics, composition
  • Vocabulary in Action, Vocabulary Skills
  • Research Reports, Author Study

This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrolment key