This course requires an enrolment key

The moodle course for year 2009 IGCSE High level math at BLIS

Teacher: Belgin Güneş

  Grade 9 and 10 students at BLIS/BIS sit three externally assessed exams at the end of Grade 10. Students receive a final grade from A* to E which will be made from the results of these three exams weighted as follows:

  Students will be able to use graphing calculator to sketch graphs, to produce tables and to analyze statistical data.

  There will be a corresponding list of formulae in paper 2 and paper 4.

EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT                                                           4.5 hours                                 100%


0607 PAPER 2            10-12 Short response questions          45 min                           20%

                                     (no calculators)


0607 PAPER 4            11-15 medium response questions        2 hours 15 min              60%


0607 PAPER 6            one investigation and

                                    one modeling question               1.5 hours                                  20%


  Although there is no internal assessment component in the final grade, students are expected to complete regular homework, assignments, quizzes and tests to prepare adequately for the final examination and future success in IB mathematics

This course requires an enrolment key